3 months ago

Tommy Walsh talking NVQ & home renovation with Dr Jan Telensky

4 months ago
Slovakia in the Spring

People constantly ask what is Slovakia like when the snow melts. The answer is best shown in pictures. Come and see for yourself

5 months ago
These are the jobs you need if you want to earn more than the national average


TRAINEE plumbers, electricians and bricklayers can expect to earn well above the national average when they are qualified, according to a new study. They will benefit to the tune of £2,000 a year ... See more

5 months ago
Every Wednesday

We are a group helping others to speak conversational English. We are not a school. We have fun when learning. There are a number of English members who volunteer to coach others.
In summary, ... See more

6 months ago

Dr Telensky in the London Houses Of Parliament

6 months ago

Programme only available in the UK - Dr Telensky on BBC1 with a multi-million audience, at the opening of one of his developments ... See more

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